Working on a daily basis around big machines, hot steel, noise, heavy lifting and sharp edges makes a focus on health a key issue. Metallproduksjon is working hard and targeted to avoid accidents and injuries to ensure the health of all employees. Through collaboration with our health care provider, targeted training and education and continuous work of measuring, assessing and improving, we work towards our goal of zero work related injuries. Metallproduksjon AS should be a company were employees thrive in a good and open work environment focusing on sharing of ideas, competence and experience. HSE is an integrated part of all planning and execution of all our activities.

Metallproduksjon is and should always be a safe place to work. All work activities is preformed safely, with job risk analysis with when needed. All work activities and machines is risk evaluated on a yearly basis. Our machines should be safe to use, with documented training when needed. Through active use of NCR (nonconformity reports), observation and care for coworkers, we ensure continuous improvements and development to reach our goal of zero accidents and injuries.

To Metallproduksjon, zero environmental accidents and injuries is the way to work. Metallproduksjon continuously work to measure and improve our environmental system and prevent pollution. All waste is delivered to recycling. Our environmental system is made according to ISO 14001:2015. Focus on environmental friendly solutions is a key factor when investing in new machines, with a particular high focus on low energy consumption and reduction in use of harmful chemicals. To our knowledge, Metallproduksjon AS is the only company in our segment, and one of only a few companies regardless of segment that has both workshop and office facilities with a energy class A approval.

Metallproduksjon should be a preferred partner with high professional knowledge and good business ethics. We will reach as far as we can to meet our customers demands, needs, expectations and wishes. Our quality system is based on ISO 9001:2015, and we expect to have a management system certification within 2017. Metallproduksjon AS is obligated to conform to relevant standards, laws and government demands as well as continuously develop and improve our quality system. We should be an open company, with focus on exchanging and development of competence, ideas and experiences. Together we will work to keep and further develop our positive work environment with a core value and focus on delivering the best quality in the market.